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Hey this is Tsacrey doing a quick Bio about myself. I love Newgrounds. And Tom Fulp and other game creators are nothing short of amazing. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer on New grounds. P.S. Also call me Fitz n' Fanz

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Posted by Tsacrey - May 28th, 2010

WOWEEE! I finally got my account back! How the hell did I get hacked? I don't know but after months and months of trying to recover my account. I did it! =============================)))))))))
)))))))). Yay so I'll be doing my regular. reviews and Sh** and some blogging. like before and I'll try to get more secret items hopefully. So I'm a year older, a little wiser, (mo' hair in places I never knew hair would grow.). I'll see you guys later. Tsacrey out


Posted by Tsacrey - December 31st, 2009

Just decided to make a post since i haven't made one in a while. I recently made some art for Newgrounds and I also posted it. I don't think anyone got it so I'm putting it on my Blog. I hope you like it and Have a happy New year. Speaking of New years. I wanted to make a Rhythm based game on fireworks. You know, When an orb lines up with a certain arrow indicator you press the corresponding arrow key that kind of thing. But it's not going so well. I'll try my best and I hope You have a Happy New year

Posted by Tsacrey - December 6th, 2009

This sucks alot I'mso angry right now. I have a poject on french and i frogot to br ming it home so i failed it . Do you know what that means? That means that I got an infeaction on my report card for sure. >:(. Now I'll never be able to get a Porshce. Nahhh. I should think positive and be happy. Right I mean it's ot like failing 1 little project will fail my entire report right. Well I'd really appreciate some support from my Blog friends ans d such and maybe even Tom Fulp. The creator of newgrounds. Well any ways wish me luck in the future and I'll wish you luck. This is Tsacrey signing out bye bye. :)


Posted by Tsacrey - November 28th, 2009

Ok so midterms are pretty hard but it will all be worth it in the end. If i get an A mark average(wich is what I usually get since I'm an Hono Roll Student). I'll get a porsche when I come of age. Witch won't be long. :). So I'll keep you Tsacrey fan blog readers posted and if read all my other blogs and give them good comments I will Read and comment your blogs and give them good feedback. I think there's nothing better than reciveng good feed back from your blog. That feels very good, and makes you feel fuzzy inside( Lulz). So in conclusion I hope you do good in midterms and will get good marks and stuff like that. This is Tsacrey signing out and wishing my friends a verry merry Christmas. HO HO HO

I like crunchy carrots

Posted by Tsacrey - November 21st, 2009

Hey this is Tsacrey doing my 6th Blog Sadly :,(. Due to midterms coming up I probably won't be doing my blog as much. That also includes playing it's awesome games or watching it's amazing videos either. (Sniff). Regardless i'll be on as much as i can and that dosen't mean i won't study and do bad in school. It just means that i'll only be on sometimes and I know i'll be out of order in my room reading about atoms and disecting worms a stuff. So once agian in conclusion i won't be on as much and i will be studying. SO i will say for a while... Goodbye. :'(.

Darn midterms

Posted by Tsacrey - November 18th, 2009

Hey this is Tsacrey doing my 5th blog on newgrounds. So i'm looking through the videos on Newgrounds and one that caught my attention is called pico paranoid and if you want to know more look for it on pico 2006 area or something like that. Any ways if any of u guys could tell me about your videos or games i'd be happy to watch them, rate them, and comment them. In conclusion this is Tsacrey signing out tootles. ;) lol rofl. P.S if you want the picture in my blog that i use then you can save them onto your pictures and use them on your blog. all you have to do is comment on my blog saying that your using my picture and say where you got your picture if you use it on your blog. Much oblidged

I like muffins with mustard on it.

Posted by Tsacrey - November 13th, 2009

hi this is Tsacrey doing my weekly update with a strong question for TomFulp the big man himself. Ok tom u probably check all the posts but anyways i need u to pay attention to this.i mean this is really important. ok this is what u need to do. Talk to Email or contact the guy who made the Last stand and the Last stand2 and tell him to make the Last stand3. I mean its been out for a while. And i'm getting pretty tired of both games ok? Much oblidged. Sincearely,


Posted by Tsacrey - November 9th, 2009

ok so i'm looking around adventure games and i see a game called gretel and hansel. It looked ok so i played it. a few cutscenes and i'm the girl. i walk around see the mom and dad talking to each other. and i'm done. After that i went to the wall and picked up a slingshot. I shot itt around the room and i notice an achivement to wake up hansel. I think on how i'm suposed to wake him up and one of them involves a sling shot so i shoot it at him nothing happens. Then i shoot it at the horse and. nothing happens. WTF if someone could post in the forums about how to beat it i would really appreciate. This is Tsacrey Signing out.
P.S. i rock

My first update

Posted by Tsacrey - November 9th, 2009

So Newgrounds is AWESOME and the games are AWESOME and I REALLY like commenting on games, movies, and oter peoples forums and stuff like that. Maybe i'll even get a gold membership. I also like the awesome series it makes me LOL. Oh and so does salad fingers, what's with him . I have dreams of him eating out my skin. Spooky huh? But it dosen't detract from the fun does it? I thought not. Well this is Tsacrey signing out and i'll be updating my blog evrey week. PS. i got my blog picture off of NG art so don't
be a pussy and call me names saying that i don't share pictures. Ok? so don't be an @$# hole. Oh and the guy who did this picture rocks

Hi i'm Tsacrey doing my first blog, on Newgrounds. (You didn't really think this is my first blog did you.)

Posted by Tsacrey - November 8th, 2009

acscuse me. Apparentley there is a glitch in Age of war? WTF how come no one told me about this? That is verry mean

Age of war glitch?