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My first update

2009-11-09 12:49:37 by Tsacrey

ok so i'm looking around adventure games and i see a game called gretel and hansel. It looked ok so i played it. a few cutscenes and i'm the girl. i walk around see the mom and dad talking to each other. and i'm done. After that i went to the wall and picked up a slingshot. I shot itt around the room and i notice an achivement to wake up hansel. I think on how i'm suposed to wake him up and one of them involves a sling shot so i shoot it at him nothing happens. Then i shoot it at the horse and. nothing happens. WTF if someone could post in the forums about how to beat it i would really appreciate. This is Tsacrey Signing out.
P.S. i rock

My first update


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2009-11-09 17:25:15

i don't know either, sooooo......umm...your screwed.

Tsacrey responds:

I really appreciate you commenting my blog and am happy that at least there are some people reading my blog and am now going to read yours. I really appreciate it. Thx :)