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2009-11-13 18:08:44 by Tsacrey

hi this is Tsacrey doing my weekly update with a strong question for TomFulp the big man himself. Ok tom u probably check all the posts but anyways i need u to pay attention to this.i mean this is really important. ok this is what u need to do. Talk to Email or contact the guy who made the Last stand and the Last stand2 and tell him to make the Last stand3. I mean its been out for a while. And i'm getting pretty tired of both games ok? Much oblidged. Sincearely,



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2009-11-13 18:21:22

Wouldn't it be better to send him a PM?

Tsacrey responds:

Your right but I'm pretty sure everyone else would be doing that so i decided to send him a message through here. But I think you made a good sudgestion and i appreciate it


2009-11-13 18:58:21

I agree, he problebly wont see this. oh and the guys name is con-artist so just PM him

Tsacrey responds:

Thank you for the sudgestion but how do I PM him?