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I like muffins with mustard on it.

2009-11-18 14:52:00 by Tsacrey

Hey this is Tsacrey doing my 5th blog on newgrounds. So i'm looking through the videos on Newgrounds and one that caught my attention is called pico paranoid and if you want to know more look for it on pico 2006 area or something like that. Any ways if any of u guys could tell me about your videos or games i'd be happy to watch them, rate them, and comment them. In conclusion this is Tsacrey signing out tootles. ;) lol rofl. P.S if you want the picture in my blog that i use then you can save them onto your pictures and use them on your blog. all you have to do is comment on my blog saying that your using my picture and say where you got your picture if you use it on your blog. Much oblidged

I like muffins with mustard on it.


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